ALWAFLI ABS Pet Fur, Hair and Lint Remover with Self-Cleaning Base Double-Sided Brush Removes Dog and Cat Hairs from Clothes and Furniture (Color May Vary)


Price: ₹ 999.00 - ₹ 289.00
(as of Oct 17,2020 04:15:24 UTC – Details)

Product Description

ALWAFLI - pet fur and lint removerALWAFLI - pet fur and lint remover

ALWAFLI Pet Fur and Lint Remover, Pet Hair Remover Multi-Purpose Double Sided Self-Cleaning and Reusable Pet Fur Remover Magic Clean Clothing, Furniture, Home

pet and lint remover brushpet and lint remover brush

ALWAFLI Pet Fur and Lint Remover

– Pet Fur & Lint Remover will be your good pet care expert around you. Fur Remover is a must-have for every pet owner to maintain a hair-free and lint-free home, clothes, and furniture. The lint brush is very easy to use and you needn’t spend too much time to learn and clean. It can help you to create a clean and healthy home.

Why do you need a pet fur remover brush?

1. The extra-large, double-sided, self-cleaning lint brush can easily remove unwanted pet fur, lint, and hair from your clothes and fabric surfaces.2. No refills, no tape, and no messes on this brush. You’ll never spend money on another refill again. A must-have for your clothes and your furniture!!

pet fur removing brush from clothspet fur removing brush from cloths

Pet Fur & Lint Remover Multi-Functional Use

How to Use:

Gently sweep your Fur Defeat brush across the surfaces from which you want to remove pet fur, hair, and lint. Follow the arrow when you brush. The brush can capture these on both sides.When the brush is fully covered, dip it into the base. When you take out the brush, it will be clean and ready to catch more fur.When the base is full, simply take off the cap and empty the contents into a trash can.

Pet Fur and Lint removing Brush

sofa cleaning brush

sofa cleaning brush

pet fur

pet fur

pet fur remover brush for travel

pet fur remover brush for travel

Picks up a variety of messes.

These is great at keeping your clothes, fabric, and pet areas free of messes. This self-cleaning lint brush picks up

Pet FurCat FurHairLintDust bunny hordes

Includes our ingenious self-cleaning base

Your ordinary lint brush may pick up hair and fur, but can it clean itself? Fur Brush includes a self-cleaning base so you never have to touch the mess on the lint brush. Cleaning is a cinch! The self-cleaning base is lined with the same microfiber bristles that line the Fur Brush lint brush. Just dip Fur Brush into the self-cleaning base to remove the mess. Fur collects into the collection tray at the bottom the base. Empty the tray and dispose of the mess in trash. It’s that easy!

Travel size

The package includes 1 fur remover, 1 self-cleaning base and 1 travel-sized hair remover. The pet hair remover brush is perfect to keep in your bag or car. The mini size has all the same features of the standard-sized pet hair remover.

double sided pet fur remover brushdouble sided pet fur remover brush

Reusable & Double-sided

1.Reusable pet fur remover with self-cleaning base, include home and travel version

2. Double-sided, extra-large lint brush removes fur and lint twice as fast as a one-sided lint brush

3.No refills required – there is no tape and no mess

Package includes:

1 X Pet fur defeat lint brush1 X Self-cleaning base1 X Travel size lint brush and base


Material: ABS and cloth

Color: Blue, White

Size: 12.2 X 2.2 X 0.83 inch

Travel-sized hair remover size: 5.75 X 2.4 X 1.14 inch

Double-sided, extra-large lint brush removes fur and lint twice as fast as a one-sided lint brush
One dip in the self-cleaning base removes pet hair from the Fur lint remover
No refills required – unlike other lint rollers for pet hair, there’s no tape and no mess
Self-cleaning base, and travel size.


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