Bizarre! Bank customers at risk as juice shop encroaches ATM centre in Amravati – WATCH | Maharashtra News


MUMBAI: While banks have been issuing guidelines and sending text messages to its customers about safe ATM usage, a local vendor has opened a juice shop encroaching an ATM center in Amravati city, making a mockery of the bank safety guidelines.

The matter came to light after videos showing a local vendor running a juice shop in close proximity to an ATM center in Maharashtra’s Amravati city went viral. The shop owner has also made seating arrangements for those coming there to withdraw money from the ATM placed there.

Interestingly, the ATM has been pushed to a corner to make room for the customers coming to the juice shop there.

A video of the said ATM-cum-juice center shows bank customers operating the ATM in the presence of others sitting on chairs inside the juice shop.

This has put the safety of the ATM operators at huge risk.

Watch the video here –

This is clearly against the bank rules which mention that only one person should operate the ATM at a time. 

Now, it is for the people to decide how safe the PIN number of those withdrawing money from this ATM will be.

It may be noted that banks repeatedly warn their customers to remain extremely cautious while withdrawing money from ATM machines and not to share crucial details like the PIN number, OTP and other details with anyone.

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