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New Delhi: Even as preparations are underway for `Deepotsav` celebrations at Ram ki Paidi in Ayodhya, in strict compliance with the coronavirus guidelines, the Lalit Kala Akademi has decided to exhibit 25 Lord Ram statues on the theme Jan Jan Ke Ram (or Lord Ram for every person) in the holy town on Friday ahead of the festival of lights.

According to reports, several people on Thursday decorated the venue with diyas, paintings, and rangolis for `Deepotsav`, which will be held from November 11 to 13. This year 5.51 lakh earthen lamps would be lit at Ram ki Paidi ghats. It is the fourth `Deepotsav` organised by the Uttar Pradesh government in Ayodhya. 

In a tweet, the Office of Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh said, “As per the directions of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Deepotsav 2020 that will be held in Ayodhya, there are arrangements for virtual Deepotsav. Due to COVID-19, devotees who are unable to reach Ayodhya will be able to light a lamp in front of Sri Ram Lala Virajman through the website.” 

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More than 100 workers dedicated to the preparation of 11 tableaus. Colourful tableau and various traditional dances are performed at the Shobha Yatra. The yatra will be followed by the Deepotsav on the Ram Janmabhoomi site.

25 Lord Ram statues to enchant visitors in Ayodhya

The Lalit Kala Akademi, however, will exhibit 25 Lord Ram statues on the theme Jan Jan Ke Ram (or Lord Ram for every person) in Ayodhya on Friday ahead of the festival of lights. The idols of Lord Shree Ram, built at Laxmanpur in Ayodhya will fascinate Ram devotees. Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath will inaugurate the exhibition on the day. 

It will be held at Ram Katha Park and one can see expressions of love, kindness, love of Lord Shri Ram in the artworks prepared by sculptors from Kanpur, Banaras, Prayagraj, Mathura, Lucknow. The sculptors said, “It is a matter of pride for us to have an exhibition in Ayodhya. After the commencement of the construction of the Ram Temple at the Ramjanmabhoomi, we have got the privilege of putting an exhibition in the holy land of Rama on the first Deepawali. We are happy about this. The Chief Minister has honoured the work of artists by giving them a stage in Ayodhya.”

The famous episodes of Ramayana like Ahilya Deliverance, Kevat episode, Darshan of unique forms of Rama, Ram Laxman Prem, Bharat Milap will be displayed as sculptures shielded in fiber, terracotta, and wood in the exhibition, under which Shri Ram`s messages will be conveyed to the people.

“It is a pleasure for me that the artworks of the craftsmen are being displayed in Ayodhya. The people of Chitrakoot have always wanted to see Shri Ram as the king. After the decision of the Yogi government to build the Ram temple, a wave of enthusiasm is running among the people. In a statue of about five feet, Shri Ram will be seen as a giant form,” said Chitrakoot sculptor, Anuj Mishra.

A glimpse of the Mission Shakti run by the Yogi government will also be seen in the Ayodhya exhibition. 

Sachchidanand and Jeutavali Yadav, the two sculptors said, “Maryada Purushottam Ram had conveyed the message of respect for women through Ahilya Deliverance and we will make people aware of the theme of the honour of women in the statue under Mission Shakti.”

Lucknow sculptor Parul Srivastava said, “The statue based on Jatayu episode will be displayed in Ayodhya. The pleasure was all mine.”

A nine-day camp was organised at the State Lalit Kala Academy of Kaiserbagh, Lucknow; where the sculptors of different districts carved 30 idols of Shri Ram. Sculptors participated in the camp based on the theme of `Jan-Jan Ke Raam`, whose exhibition will now be held in Ayodhya.

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