Drugs worth Rs 2.5 billion from Chinese-controlled Gwadar seized in Sri Lanka | World News


Colombo: The Sri Lankan authority on Sunday (December 6, 2020) arrested four people from the Marawila Thoduwawa area and seized Rs 2.5 billion worth of drugs originated from the Chinese-controlled Gwadar. They were transporting heroin and crystal methamphetamine (ice) to the Sri Lankan boats from the Pak Dhow that originated from Gwadar.

The involvement of the ISI officials in the drug smuggling network is established as such regular movement of Dhow from Gwadar is not possible without tacit support from the ISI and Chinese intelligence officials.

The transfer happened in high seas between the Maldives and Sri Lanka.

During a raid carried out by the Excise Department, 100 kilograms of heroin and 100 kilograms of ice were seized.

It is suspected that a drug trafficker named ‘Jude’ who is hiding in Dubai, has sent the stock of drugs to the country by boats.

The Police has also taken the van used to transport the drugs, two cars and a broom truck into custody.

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