Egypt: Model, photographer arrested over pyramid photoshoot wearing revealing ancient costume | viral News


The Egyptian police have arrested a fashion photographer for disrespect after he shot pictures of a fashion model in a revealing ancient costume at the Pyramid of Djoser, which is located on the outskirts of Cairo. Some reports claimed that fashion model, Salma al-Shimi, was also arrested soon after the shoot at the Saqqara necropolis. 

“A photographer has been arrested after a private shoot with model-dancer Salma al-Shimi in the archaeological zone. His case had been referred to the courts,” Guardian reported, quoting security sources.

Shimi had posted photographs and also a video from the shoot on Instagram few days ago. Shimi has thousands of followers on Instagram. 

Soon after, several social media users claimed that Shimi had been arrested for disrespecting wearing outfits which are not as per Egypt’s ancient heritage.

Shimi has also been charged with breaking the rules set by Egypt’s Antiquities Ministry for photo shoots. 

Expressing disbelief over the photoshoot, netizens questioned,  “Is there really a ban on taking photographs in archaeological zones, even pictures that are not indecent but completely normal?”

Later it was reported that the pictures were removed from the model’s Instagram account but the images were still present on Shimi’s Instagram account.

It is to be noted that several social media influences had been jailed in Egypt for sharing content that were deemed offensive by the court.

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