Farmer becomes millionaire overnight after he finds diamond while digging land – Details here | India News


In a positive development, the fortune of a farmer changed overnight as he found a diamond worth Rs 60 lakh on a small patch of land that he had leased for only Rs 200.

The 45-year-old farmer named Lakhan Yadav is now a millionaire after finding the precious stone in his 10×10 patch of land, reported Times of India report.

Yadav said that he found the stone while he was digging up the land he had leased in November. The stone later turned out to be a 14.98-carat diamond and it was auctioned for Rs 60.6 lakhs on Saturday (December 5).

Yadav said that when he found the stone it looked a little different and he took it to the district diamond officer to find out if it was an ordinary stone or a diamond.

Yadav said that he does not want to spend the money and would rather keep the money safe to finance the education of his four children. Yadav added that he will keep most of the money in a fixed deposit.

“I will not go for anything big. I am not an educated person and I’ll put the money in a fixed deposit to ensure my four kids get a good education,” Yadav told TOI.

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Yadav said that he is willing to work on his land for few more months in hope that he would find another diamond in the field.


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