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New Delhi: In the wake of increased number of cyber frauds, customers are being time and again reminded by banks to be vigilant and adopt safe transaction practice.

The vigilant practices include following simple steps such as not sharing card details, CVV, Expiry Date, OTP NetBanking/ MobileBanking Login ID & Password over Phone, SMS, email and social media can help general public keep their money safe. 

It is against this backdrop that HDFC Bank Ltd on Monday announced the launch of Mooh Band Rakho –a campaign to increase awareness on cyber frauds and preventing them. The Bank will be conducting 1,000 workshops in the next 4 months across the country.

HDFC Bank has also shared some secure Banking tips for customers which says that they should not share PIN, passwords, bank details with anyone. The bank has also advised the customers to keep the bank informed when they change their address, contact number or email ID.

Furthermore, the bank has said that it will call the customers from a specific number if there is any case of suspicious transaction. An HDFC Bank representative will call you if any suspicious transaction is noticed in your account / card. The bank will call from phone number – 61607475.

Customers have been asked by the bank to save your regional phone banking number on your contacts list, which will help in case of emergencies when your card is lost or stolen or you get a suspicious transaction alert. You can call 61606161 or on toll free number – 18002586161 to reach HDFC Bank’s Phone Banking.

The Bank has further advised customers to not conduct banking transactions from their mobile, tablet, laptop, when it is connected to public / free Wi-Fi, which is open and therefore unsecured.

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