Kumar Sanu praises son Jaan Kumar Sanu, advises Rahul Vaidya not to comment on personal life, show compassion | People News


New Delhi: Veteran singer Kumar Sanu finally has spoken about his son Jaan Kumar Sanu’s ‘Bigg Boss 14’ stint and fellow contestant Rahul Vaidya’s personal remarks against the latter. 

In a fresh video released, Kumar Sanu can be seen addressing various issues which have been highlighted ever since his son became a contestant on the show. Kumar Sanu said that he is very proud of his son Jaan Kumar Sanu and although he never really wanted him to go inside ‘Bigg Boss’ house, yet Jaan did all by himself. 

“He used to watch Bigg Boss and did everything on his own. He went for the auditions himself and I did not help him.”, clarified the legendary singer. 

He then went on advise Rahul Vaidya, “He is a very good singer and I have heard him a couple of times. But he should show some compassion towards others and no comment on personal life. Two singers can easily be friends, therefore Rahul and Jaan both should stay united and play the game well.”

“His mother has brought him up well and Jaan is quite young, so sometimes he doesn’t know what he says inside can have repercussions too”, said he.

Kumar Sanu also opened up on his separation with Jaan Kumar Sanu’s mother Rita Bhattacharya and said that “often when two people don’t gell well, they take divorce. it should not be made into an issue and no one should comment on it. After all these years, I felt insulted when this was raised inside the house.”



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