LJP cheated NDA; PM Narendra Modi biggest reason for Bihar poll victory: Bhupender Yadav | India News


NEW DELHI: A day after the BJP-JD(U) alliance won assembly polls in Bihar, the BJP’s general secretary and the state in-charge Bhupender Yadav on Wednesday said the NDA was cheated by its former member LJP of Chirag Paswan in the elections and the confusion created by them caused some losses.

In an interview with PTI, Yadav also said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership and credibility were the biggest factors behind the NDA’s victory in the polls, while guidance of senior union Minister Amit Shah and on-ground presence of the party president JP Nadda also made a significant contribution.

Taking on Lok Janshakti Party, Yadav said the party has lost its credibility and there are question marks about its politics.

“LJP has chosen its own path and in a way, it cheated the NDA. People of Bihar have conveyed to them their importance in the state politics,” he said.

Despite all this confusion, the people of Bihar reposed their faith in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership and his credibility and it is the big achievement that the NDA won for the fourth time in the state.

“Modiji’s leadership and his credibility was the single biggest reason for NDA’s victory in the state,” he said.

When asked why NDA could not repeat its Lok Sabha performance in Bihar assembly polls, Yadav said every election is different and the central and state elections are fought on different issues.

Besides, there were some local reasons, he added.

In assembly elections, voters have different preferences and there are local issues, while dynamics of the state politics are also different from that of the national politics, he said.

“In terms of social equations, our alliance was in a strong position and the NDA government had also done developmental work across the state. But by continuously speaking lies, LJP created confusion and that caused losses for the BJP-JD(U) in the first phase,” he said.

There were some local issues of the state also, due to which the NDA got a few less seats, but the alliance has managed to get a clear majority in the state, Yadav said.

On what?could be the reasons for the under-performance of JD(U), Yadav said the NDA government had been in place for three terms in Bihar and it was a big issue to seek a mandate for the fourth term on the basis of development.

“JD(U) contested well, but they also paid price for the confusion created by LJP. LJP vitiated the atmosphere which they should not have done.. They were also part of the NDA. The party also enjoyed ministerial berth and reaped benefits from the alliance in Lok Sabha elections,” Yadav said.

Downplaying possibilities of any change of guard in the state, Yadav said, “The NDA got full majority and we respect collation dharma. And in alliance, we believe all are equal.”

Talking about Tejashwi Yadav and RJD’s performance, the BJP leader said they have been given the mandate to sit in the opposition and they should respect this and play their role.

On the performance of left parties in the state, he said, “The rise of left parties in Bihar is worrisome as they believe in class conflict, which can disturb harmony in the state.”

The results for the three-phase Bihar assembly polls were declared late night on Tuesday. The NDA, which comprises of BJP-JD(U) along with HAM and VIP, sailed through the tough contest and got a simple majority with 125 seats.

Their main challenger RJD-led grand alliance got 110 seats in the keenly fought contest. 

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