Mahesh Bhatt’s sister Kumkum Saigal and nephew seek Rs 90 lakh in damages and written apology from Luviena Lodh over defamation charges | People News


New Delhi: Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt’s sister Kumkum Saigal and nephew Sahil Saigal have moved an injuction against actress Luviena Lodh over her allegations. The Saigals have sought Rs 90 lakh in damages and a written apology from Lodh for making defamtory statements against them, according to a Mumbai Mirror report.

Earlier this week, Lodh shared a video on social media claiming to be married to one Sumit Sabharwal, who is allegedly Mahesh Bhatt’s nephew. She alleged that Sabharwal was in the business of supplying drugs and human trafficking. Lodh also alleged that Mahesh Bhatt operates this business.

After the video was posted, Mahesh Bhatt, through his counsel Ameet Naik, sent a legal notice to Lodh asking her to stop making such false statements.

On Monday, the Bhatts filed a suit in the Bombay High Court seeking Lodh to be restrained from making, publishing and circulating any defamatory and slanderous comments against them.

According to PTI, “the suit is also seeking damages to the tune of Rs one crore from the respondent (Lodh) for making various grossly defamatory, slanderous, distasteful and false allegations and statements against the applicants (Bhatts),” the suit said.

It also sought a direction to Lodh to delete her video. The suit further claimed Sabharwal was not directly related to the Bhatts and that he was “the son of the applicants’ sister’s husband’s brother”.

The suit further said Lodh had made false allegations against Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt, who are famous personalities, with malafide intentions to obtain best settlement in her divorce proceedings with her estranged husband.

Meanwhile, Lodh’s husband Sumit Sabherwal denied allegations of drug abuse. He also pointed out that the names of filmmakers Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt are being sullied solely due to his pending matrimonial dispute with his wife.

Sumit’s lawyer stated that Sumit was only an employee of Vishesh films, which is owned by Mahesh and Mukhesh Bhatt.

The statement said: “It is made amply clear that our client is merely an employee of M/s Vishesh Films Pvt Ltd and NOT related to either of the Bhatt Brothers, as falsely and maliciously been sought to be made out by the video in the question.”

“Every attempt being made in order to formulate a relation between our client and the Bhatt brothers must be construed as a well-crafted conspiracy to precipitate and motivate a lucrative `settlement` for her disputes with our client; as is amply made clear in her interviews as well. Out client has the highest regard for the judiciary of our country and reserves his actionable claims against Mrs Luviena Lodh for charges as and when he may institute against her.”

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