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New Delhi: Television’s famous face and recently evicted ‘Bigg Boss 14’ contestant Pavitra Punia recently opened up on her journey, eviction and personal equations. 

In an interview with DNA, Pavitra Punia said, “My journey inside the house was a very beautiful and disgusting journey. Those disgusting fights used to ruin the beautiful moments that I have shared with the housemates. So, I’ll just sum my journey inside the ‘Bigg Boss 14’ house in these two words. I did not lose interest in the game but I was losing my health. I was not well. I was not as energetic as I was initially in the first 7 weeks. The 8th week was down for me as my health wasn’t supporting me.” 

She also talked about the claims made by hotelier Sumit Maheshwari, her ex-fiance alleging in a recent interview with a YouTube channel that the duo is actually married. Pavitra Punia said, “For now, I have no comments on this topic but I will speak on it very soon. As of now, I am in the memories of Eijaz. I am just seeing the live and uncut videos and watching how much he is missing me. I am enjoying that part and I don’t want to make my memory clumsy because of these stupid topics.” 

About Eijaz Khan sharing his deepest, dark secret on ‘Bigg Boss 14’ during a task,  Pavitra said, “I saw it and was shattered completely. I didn’t expect this and while my brother was consoling me I told him that I hate Eijaz because he didn’t tell me. That hatred comes out when you genuinely feel for someone and think why didn’t this person tell me about it. But I understand that he didn’t say anything because he must have thought national television isn’t the right place or time to say such things. I remember when we would fight he always told me don’t touch me but I never understood it could be this. I would always tell me if you have issues then move away.” 

Eijaz had shared about a molestation incident which took place in his childhood leaving him scarred.

Pavitra added, “He had told me that until and unless I trust someone completely I don’t allow that person to touch me. Right now, I am feeling so blessed and so on-top-of-the-world that he had faith in me and surrendered himself to me, we shared so many cosy and lovey-dovey moments in the house where it was all about physical touches such as the hugs and cheek kisses, I am overwhelmed. Earlier, I thought he was doing it only for the show. But when saw it I was devastated.”

For Pavitra, Eijaz Khan will be the winner of the show. “I think Eijaz will surely win the trophy. He has everything in him to win the title. From strength, humour, the way he performs the tasks, he takes care of the people around him, especially me. I am sure he is going to win the title”, she quipped.


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