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New Delhi: Ace Bollywood singer Kailash Kher has opened up on the rejections he faced initially during his struggling days in the industry. In an interview with E Times, he talked about battling suicidal thoughts at one point in time. 

Kailash Kher said, “I had nobody and that is what influenced me. When I came to Mumbai, I faced a lot of rejections. I was so dejected in life that I even tried to kill myself. I had lost everything and had nothing else to lose and that is what inspired me. Here, no matter how experienced you are and how much you have learnt, there is nobody to guide you. You study law, you will get to work under an experienced lawyer, you do your MBA or engineering, you will get placements but music is a field where no institution or individual will guide and help you grow. I realised how ruthless and thankless people here are.”

“I decided that I don’t want to be like them and I will not wait till I grow old to help someone else. I had promised myself that if I become successful, I will create a platform where singers will launch new singers”, he added.

Talking about his initial days, the classic singer added, “The journey has been absolutely wonderful. In the beginning, nobody had confidence in me. However, that was not the point when I was broken. As I would like to say in my own words – ‘Jo took kar bana, jise maut ne jana, wo aur kya toote, wo aur kya mare.’ I have been through a lot since my formative years. I have been through so much of rejections that I was used to it. But all this never distracted me from what I wanted to be. The zeal and madness that I had in me manifested in what I am today. it has been 15 long years now and by the grace of God, I am the youngest recipient of the Padma Shri award in the field of music.”

“Music is not just entertainment, it is therapy”, added the singer further.


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