Unlock 5: National parks in Uttar Pradesh to reopen from Nov 1, in a bid to boost tourism | India News


Lucknow: In order to boost tourism amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Uttar Pradesh will be reopening its national parks and safari’s from November 1 instead of November 15 as was scheduled earlier. 

The gates of Dudhwa National Park, Pilibhit Tiger Reserve and Katarniya Ghat will likely be reopened for tourists from November 1.

Notably, the tourist season starts on November 15 and concludes on June 15 every year. However, due to the novel coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown imposed thereafter led to the closure of the national parks in March.

“Strict Covid protocols for the tourists as well as those visiting DTR have been imposed this season starting November 1. Any violation of the protocol would be taken seriously,” Field director, DTR Sanjay Kumar Pathak told PTI. 

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The lockdown had affected the revenue of the park, though the almost zero tourist activities helped wild animals to reclaim their territories and rights without any hinderance, DTR officials said.

As per COVID guidelines issued by the UP government, tourists between the 11 to 64 years age-group would be allowed into the national park. Tourists below 10 years and above 65, those with co-morbidities and pregnant women would remain restricted.

In order to maintain social distancing, elephant climbing would remain banned this season while in the Jungle Safari vehicle, only four tourists excluding driver and the guide would be allowed to ride.

No tourist would be allowed to walk during the jungle safari and the vehicle would be sanitized before and after every trip.


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