Valmiki Jayanti 2020: Know about the great sage Maharishi Valmiki and his contribution to Sanskrit | India News


Valmiki Jayanti 2020: India celebrates the birth anniversary of the famous sage Maharishi Valmiki today (October 31, 2020). Maharishi Valmiki is also known as the Adi Kavi or the first poet in Sanskrit language. He is also responsible for writing the first-ever Sanskrit shlokas.

Maharishi Valmiki was the one who composed the epic Ramayana in Sanskrit language. 

The followers of Maharishi Valmiki carry out Shobha Yatras or processions and sing devotional songs and bhajan in remembrance of the great sage.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted the people of the nation on the occasion of Valmiki Jayanti. PM Modi said in Hindi that the ideals of Maharishi Valmiki based on social harmony, equality and justice will continue to inspire the countrymen. 


Valmiki Jayanti is celebrated on the full moon night or Purnima of the Ashwin month. This day is also commemorated as Pragat Diwas. On this auspicious day many worship the poet by reciting verses of Ramayana at Valmiki temples across the country. 

Valmiki wrote several other Puranas. He was a great sage who conquered his limitations and inspired others through his teachings. He encouraged the masses to fight against social injustice and preached the values of Rama.

It is said that Maharishi Valmiki did intense penance for years to attain the stature of a great saint. Lord Valmiki’s life teaches us that no one is born as good or evil. It’s our deeds that determine our greatness. 



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