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Jewellery is a part of Indian culture since ages. It is not just a sign of royalty but also shows India’s rich tradition. While the coronavirus outbreak had damaged every business sector, even the gems and jewellery industry lost its shine. Many exhibitions, events, weddings and shows were called off which impacted the sales of jewellery in the country.

With the situation is getting back to normal at a slow pace, businesses are opening up all over India now. One of the most prominent names in the jewellery industry, ‘Sahu Jewellers’ established its new venture called ‘The Bride Store’ which started its operations recently. 

Known for its premium ornaments including gemstones and other accessories, ‘Sahu Jewellers’ was founded on September 29, 2011. With its presence for almost a decade, the jewellery store has won the trust of the public with the authenticity and purity of the ornaments. The women behind bringing this jewellery store to life are Vandita Sahu Bisht and Anjali Sahu. Offering a wide variety of ornaments like necklaces, rings, earrings, coins and bracelets; the founders want to create a niche of the bridal collection with their new venture ‘The Bride Store’. Coping up with the new normal, the store was recently launched at Hazratganj, a downtown area situated in the heart of Lucknow. 

The jewellery at their new store focuses more on customization and caters majorly for brides and grooms. Speaking about it, Mrs Vandita said, “The Bride Store is an addition to Sahu Jewellers. We strive for excellence and with our new store, our goal is to offer the best wedding jewellery collection. We understand the preference of our clients and we believe in offering superior quality. All the collection at our new store is made with love and passion.” Adding to it, Anjali Sahu expressed her joy that the jewellery business is showing recovery after the epidemic.

Besides these founders, Mr Sanjay Sahu has played a pivotal role in building Sahu Jewellers as a premium jewellery brand. Keeping in mind the situation of COVID-19, Anjali said, “We have opened our new store in a pandemic which might turn out to be a risky decision for us. But businesses can’t remain shut for a longer time. Bringing the best experience for our customers, we are taking all the safety measures to prevent this pandemic.” The newly opened jewellery store is sanitized daily and the temperature of the staff and the customers is checked regularly, thus ensuring the safety of one and all.   

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