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New Delhi: Are you the types who are interested in reading and watching stuff related to the mysterious of the universe and outer space? Then, we bring to you a listicle on classic Hollywood projects on outer space which are streamed on Disney+ Hotstar Premium.

Take a look:

The Right Stuff

Watch the story of Project Mercury 7 astronauts and their extraordinary achievements in the first-ever trip to space by mankind – an unimaginable journey, 7 different flights, and a mission every man dreamed of. 

Apollo 8: The mission that changed the world

Apollo 8 astronaut, Bill Anders sheds light on the incredible story of Apollo 8 and the environmental campaign that followed. 

The Armstrong Tapes

This will surely leave you intrigued. Neil Armstrong’s interviews give an insight into the mystery of the universe. He remains a towering figure for all the outer-space enthusiasts. 

Space Shuttle: Triumph and Tragedy 

This is a documentary in two parts, telling the inside story of NASA’s iconic spaceships. A story of the invention of the space shuttle and some of the greatest missions that followed. However, it will take you back to the tragedies of our very own Kalpana Chawla and her team and what eventually led to the creation of the International Space Station. A tribute to the visionary late Kalpana Chawla who is an icon for space enthusiasts back home.

A year in Space 

The film tells the story of what it takes to spend a year in space and has led NASA to understand what it means for humanity as we journey to Mars. 



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