When I choose my films, I only look at the story: Ayushmann Khurrana | People News


New Delhi: Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana has become a household name in India today. With eight back to back hits, Ayushmann has struck a chord with masses with unique and distinctive storylines. His movies and brand commercials are equally engaging.

He says, “When I choose my films, I only look at the story that it is trying to tell. I try and understand if the concept will be clutter-breaking, if it’s fresh and not done to death and if it will deliver superlative entertainment.”

The versatile star adds, “So when I choose brands that I end up endorsing, I’m most keen to know what is the story they are looking to tell the people of India through me and how innovatively are they going to tell this piece of communication so that it somehow stands apart.”

Ayushmann says he feels responsible that anything with his name attached, should deliver entertainment to people. 

He says, “I feel responsible that when I’m personally reaching out to people across this country, across age groups, it needs to deliver a kind of entertaining communication that’s unique to me. If you observe, most of my brands have a distinct storytelling concept which is reflective of who I am and what I stand for.”


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